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You Can Find Help Here, if You Are…

Passionate about using your gifts, wisdom, experience & strengths to create your own service-oriented business.

Getting the message that it’s time to focus on your own healing and self-care, so you can show up for others in a much bigger way.

Wanting help with marketing, so you can more fully support yourself with your healing arts practice.

Needing a professional quality website, to enhance your online presence, connect with your ideal clients, and grow your business.

Ready to work through your perceived limitations and transform from a burned out healer to a fired up healer!

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Claire Amber, Creator of Fired Up Healers

About Me

Hi! I’m Claire Amber. I’m a website designer, clutter clearing expert, feng shui master, and author of the book From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy, and Radiant.

I have felt intimidated by technology, squeamish about marketing, business and money. I have felt intimidated by the seemingly insurmountable task of writing and self-publishing a book. I had to learn web design from the ground up. I’ve had to address my own mountains of clutter.

I know how challenging it is to turn the focus inwards, when it seems easier to fix everyone else. I have battled with things that many healers face, such as issues with self-worth, doubt, fear, intimidation, social anxiety, depression.  I also know what it’s like to work through those challenges!

Teaching is part of my spiritual path, and it makes my challenges feel more “worth it”.  I’d love to share some of what I’ve learned, with you, so that your path can be more graceful, more prosperous, and more fun! 

I Can Teach You How to…

Vibe Up with Feng Shui

Did you know that feng shui is about cultivating life force energy, creating more grace in our lives, setting intentions, and manifesting our desires?

When we take care to enhance the energy of our bodies, minds, and homes, that enhances our personal chi, which creates magical energy for our businesses, too. It’s all related!

I’ll teach you how to clear your clutter, get organized, and feng shui your life, from the inside out!

Design a Business Website

Do you want to create a professional WordPress website? Are you frustrated by the process of trying to compose compelling content, come up with a fabulous design, understand the technical details, and put it all together?

I can teach you about everything involved, including content creation, marketing, aesthetics, technical how-to’s, and more!

I’ll break things down into manageable pieces, so the process of creating a great website feels more fun and enjoyable.

Claire Amber's Book for Healers: From Burned Out to Fired Up...

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It’s about how I used a holistic feng shui approach (body, mind, home, and office) to heal myself and it’s full of tips meant to help you feel your best!

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