Lotus Soul Awakening

This is a website that I created for my client, Tonya Dokman. Custom graphics make it pop! We decided on a color scheme, based on the warm and soothing feel that she wanted her website to have. She loves the ocean and sunrises are very symbolic for her, so we used both in her design scheme. You can see that reflected in her logo, header, slider, and other graphics.

Also, it was important for her to convey healing and transformation. As the lotus is a symbol of turning muck into beauty and power, we incorporated that into her logo and domain name.  I used the Nirvana WordPress theme for this site, as it allows for an integrated look that is simple and beautiful. The full site can be viewed at www.lotussoulawakening.com.
It’s important to have a contact form that is simple and allows for the customer to easily contact the practitioner. Some may disagree, but I believe that it’s important to also have the email address and phone number easily available. Yes, this can make it easier for people to spam the practitioner, but it also makes it easier for customers to contact them.
Some designers suggest having contact information visible on the home page, as well as the header & footer. Because of spamming issues, I generally steer my clients in the direction of being a bit more discreet.

Links from the service pages to the contact form are also very important for customer use. We have those well-integrated on the reiki & coaching pages of Tonya’s website, as well as other key pages. They all funnel to this one page, making it very easy for the potential customers to contact her and make use of her services.

Captured & Expressed My Essence in the Design

“I am so excited about my new website — Lotus Soul Awakening! This is the first leg of launching my longtime dream to open a healing center. It’s the first door into that sacred space where those who are ready to do their deep healing work towards not just surviving, but THRIVING, and living life to the fullest! Thank you Claire Amber! You knew how to tap in and capture the essence of who I am and my message, and it is so beautifully expressed here in your web design work. I am forever grateful to you, and am so happy the Universe made sure we crossed paths. Love and Light.” Tonya Dokman

Life Coach & Counselor, Lotus Soul Awakening

Divinely Inspired Careers

Using Animation

It’s important to catch your viewer’s attention, because if you don’t, they may easily navigate their way off of your website. With Divinely Inspired Careers, I used slides with prompting questions to help Lea’s potential clients self-identify & immediately get an idea of what she has to offer.

As there are plenty of other complex graphics on her site, we made each slider simple, bold, and very easy to read. We also laid out the page options in columns, below the slider, to ensure that the navigation is very easy and simple to understand. This gives an overview of her website with images, rather than blocks of text. 

Artistry and Technical Savvy

“Claire took my ideas and created a beautiful site that really aligned with my business goals. In addition, she did a great job of creating something that matched what I wanted the site to look like from a spiritual perspective. She was always willing to go the extra mile, working with me on every detail to create a site I was happy with.

Claire has wonderful artistic ability and a great eye for color and design. I love my site and have already gotten lots of feedback regarding how great it is. I definitely recommend Claire as a web designer. She has great technical skills, amazing follow through, and her design skills are fantastic.”

Lea Alvarado

Spiritual Career Counselor, Divinely Inspired Careers

Fired Up Diva

This was the first professional (self-hosted) WordPress website that I designed, using my new moniker and image, which was derived from the cover of my book.

Because the header is very colorful, it was important that the rest of the color scheme be kept simple. I used white, grey, and black as a contrast to the fuschia highlights.

If everything is bright, then nothing stands out. Alternately, when a accent colors are used sparingly and deliberately, they can make certain elements of a website pop.

I also wanted to convey a feeling of hope and optimism, with pops of bright color. Admittedly, I have a somewhat edgy, funky, unique, sparkly personality. I wanted that to be reflected in the design scheme, because authentic marketing is very important and I knew that my ideal clients would resonate with those qualities. So, I used bright pink against white, dark grey, and black, with splashes of the other colors mixed in, sparingly. This gave the site a cohesive and harmonious look, altogether.

Centered Students

With Centered Students, the goal was to create a centered look, which was a particular challenge, as Mariel had three bright colors that she wanted to use…one for each of her main services. I suggested a clean modern look for the header, background, and footer, to allow the colors and pictures to really pop.

Bicycle Power

Bicycle Power is an bicycle repair organization that serves those in the homeless and low-income communities. As Glenn serves a population that often needs uplifting, and he loves the color orange, we decided to use that as the main color, with blues for contrast. The scheme worked perfectly with the orange bicycle pump that he had on-hand, as well as the blue tools and hat that the repair technician is wearing!

This one-page website has all of the pertinent information that his clients will need, including his location, an idea of how his services work,  a little bit about the history of Bicycle Power, etc.

Glenn also has a section about how technicians can get involved, as volunteers. There are links to other local resources, as well. As his service relies on donations of money, space, and supplies, Glenn used this site to show to potential supporters.

I’m sad to say that Glenn’s website is on-hold, right now, while he’s undergoing some personal challenges. So, I won’t be able to show you a live example. But, his is a great example of an effective one-page website, created with Divi, so I wanted to at least share these screenshots with you.

Exceeded My Expectations

“I am very happy with the fine work Claire Amber did in designing and building my website. The final result certainly exceeded my expectations for beauty and legibility, and since it has been live, I’ve received countless compliments on it. Furthermore, I recommend Claire to all my colleagues who need websites.”

Glenn Francis

Bicycle Power

What I Have to Offer…


Technical Savvy


Marketing Magic


Graphic Wizardry


Organizing Mojo


Aesthetic Expertise


Writing Mastery


I have successfully designed great websites remotely, never having met my clients in-person! With modern technology, there are some amazing tricks for doing so! I work mostly with clients in the United States and Europe, to eliminate issues regarding time zones and language barriers. So, whether you’re in Colorado, other states, or “across the pond”, feel free to contact me regarding the design of your website!

Private WordPress Lessons

Are you already working on a WordPress.org website? Have you gotten stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused? I know what it’s like, because I’ve had to work through all of that, myself! If you would like someone to guide you through the creation process, wherever you are with it,  and wherever you are in the world, I can help you with private WordPress lessons.

Custom Design Work

Would you like to have a customized business website designed for your healing arts practice? It’s a co-creative process, where your business plan, marketing scheme and aesthetic desires will be taken into account, from start-to-finish. You’ll also be able to spend more time working with your clients and less time sitting behind a desk, working on a computer!