One System, Many Uses

Are you getting married or choosing baby names? Do you have a desire to let go of your family name, and the baggage that comes with it? Do you have a fascination with numbers? Are you trying to choose a business name that works with your personal lifepath number? I can help you with all of these things, and more!
Numerology is fascinating and can be eerily accurate. Over the years, I’ve used it to change my name, come up with a book title, choose business names, decide between housing options, etc.

Personalized Readings

I’ve done countless readings for clients, and would be happy to read your numbers, too. Of course, I don’t just go strictly by the numbers. I use my intuition, as well, for a super personalized report.

What You’ll Learn

With a standard report, based on your birth date, birth name, and current name, you’ll learn about your:
Soul Number (changeable)
Personality Number (changeable)
Power Name Number (changeable)
Birthdate Number
Lifepath Number
Destiny Number

Get a Numerology Reading

Would you like a personalized numerology for yourself and/or a love one? There are two options to choose from. I can do:

  1. A Recorded (Voice) Report via Email
  2. A Live Reading via Skype or Phone

Numerology readings are $45 for 30 minutes or $80 for an hour.
I offer personal chart readings, compatibility readings, business name readings, etc.

Numerology Readings

Relocation Astrology

What is Relocation Astrology?

Relocation astrology, a.k.a. “astrocartography” is a system that uses astrological information from your natal chart to predict how your life might change if you were to move to a particular location. It can also determine what you might experience by going on vacation or doing business in a particular place.

Powerful Planetary Influences

Do you want to know where you might expect the best chance of career success? Looking for true love? Healing from a divorce or illness and in need of a fresh start? Relocation astrology can help you determine where to go, for what you’re seeking!
If you are drawn to certain places on planet Earth, it may be due to planetary influences that are calling you there. Just as your chart is unique to you, you have your own unique relationship with every place on this beautiful planet.

Get an Astro Relocation Reading

With a combination of relocation astrology and my intuition, I’ll be able to give you a sense of what you might expect by moving to (or visiting) a particular place. I’ve used this in my own life and have guided others in deciding where to move, too. I’ve been witness to miraculous results and I’d love to help you find some miracles, too!
Would you like a personalized reading? There are two options to choose from. I can do:

  1. A Recorded (Voice) Report via Email
  2. Live Reading via Skype

Readings are $45 for 30 minutes or $80 for a hour. Because it’s a really focused reading, a lot can be done in 30 minutes. If you’d like an hour, I would recommend a combination of astro relocation and birth chart astrology. Please see below.  

Relocation Astrology Readings

Birth Chart Astrology

So Much More than Your Sun Sign!

Most people think of their sun sign, when astrology is mentioned, but that’s only part of the picture. There are so many more planetary positions in your astrological makeup. They are also important and can influence your love life, career, personality, who you get along with, your challenges, how you deal with stress, your lifepath, and more. I’ve been studying astrology since I was a tween 🙂 I can tell you what your birth chart says about you. I can also help you determine the best ways to find balance, healing, clarity, and direction in your life, according to the planetary placements in your chart.

Are You On the Best Path?

A reading really can be lifechanging! I know that my first reading was. Ten years ago, I felt really lost and was seeking direction. A reading with a professional astrologer & intuitive helped set me on the course that I am currently on. I’ve healed so much in the past decade and that one reading was part of what did it for me. I am excited to offer readings now, as well.

Get a Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Would you like a personalized reading? There are two options to choose from. I can do:

  1. A Recorded (Voice) Report (via Email)
  2. A Live Reading via Skype

Readings are $45 for 30-minutes & $80 for an hour.

Birth Chart Astrology Readings