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You Can Find Help Here if You Are…

  • Tired of the same old patterns & people showing up, time and again…You’re ready to move on to different lessons
  • Passionate about using your gifts, wisdom, experience & strengths to be of service in the world
  • Getting the message that it’s time to focus on your own healing, so you can show up for others in a much bigger way
  • Wanting support with marketing and building your business
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to power up, bust through your perceived limitations & become a “fired up healer”

Empowering Healers to Thrive, Personally & Professionally

About Me

Hi! I’m Claire Amber. I’m known as Fired Up Diva because of my passion, determination, joie de vivre, and focus on empowerment. I feel called to teach about self-healing and business development, because I know what it’s like to struggle with those things.

I have felt intimidated by technology, squeamish about marketing, business and money, overwhelmed by the idea of writing and self-publishing a book. I know how challenging it is to turn the focus inwards, when it seems easier to fix everyone else. I have battled with things that many healers face, such as issues with self-worth, doubt, fear, intimidation, social anxiety, depression.  I also know what it’s like to conquer those challenges!

Teaching is part of my spiritual path, and it makes my challenges feel more “worth it”.  I’d love to share some of what I’ve learned, with you, so that your path can be more graceful, more prosperous, and more fun! 

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Unstoppable Spirit, Honesty & Integrity

“Claire is phenomenally inspiring and has a powerful flair for helping others to bring about positive change…she is a true catalyst when one is feeling stuck! Claire has inspired me with her strong, unstoppable spirit, her honesty and integrity. Claire has a vital healing energy within her that shines through her like a beacon to help others overcome what might seem insurmountable on their own.”

Tiana Mylene

Fitness & Wellness Coach, Joy of Movement

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